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[citation needed] — What is the question based on, are there any studies etc. that show that the software industry is more competitive than others?

Many software developers enjoy benefits that other professions can only dream of (meaningful work, relatively high salaries, possibilities for remote work, progressive work environments, of course all depending on the company), so maybe we don't have it all that bad?


It's not exactly what you are looking for, but you'll find some information on developers' motivation and possible performance decline over time in this blog post and the corresponding research paper:


Downloaded the paper from Arxiv, will check it out when I have some time. Though what I'm really after is a comparison with other fields, a lot of the stuff I saw while skim-reading should apply to other professions as well, so the question whether software development really is particularly competitive or not remains unanswered.

That's a good point. I think most of the results apply for other knowledge worker jobs as well. I can't tell which competitive aspects are specific to software development, but exploring this would be an interesting direction for future work.


I was thinking about artists, journalists, and—sorry for that—politicians.

Consider musicians. If they lose in a competitive contest, they are to literally starve to death. If we lose, we get a 20% discount to the salary, which is still nearly 6 figures. And we are whining, not they.



Even at the low end, software developers can make out like a banshee. Say you're making $60K and investing $30K per year while living on $30K. You could probably reach financial independence before the age of 40.

Getting promoted and earning more just accelerates you towards the inevitability of your financial freedom.

There's a sensible case to be made that we're all taking this stuff way too seriously and should just focus on making good money and investing it. Whether you're at $60K, $80K, or $100K and greater doesn't really matter in the long view.

Instead of focusing on how well we can rearrange a linked list on a whiteboard, our time is probably better spent finding a way to make a developer's salary while avoiding expensive cities like San Francisco.

I could not care less about money and I am still curious about how well I can rearrange a linked list on a whiteboard.

That’s the main reason I am doing my best in avoiding the whole country where SF is located.

All the more reason to care about money and become financially independent. You can spend your days doing whatever you want with linked lists and theoretical problems without having to worry about the much more messy business aspect of software development.

You are bitter about the US on all fronts

Nah, not at all :)

I am just tired of the notion of “default country.” I receive many job offers from US where recruiters even could not imagine that developers might exist outside of the boundaries.

Also I simply like to exaggerate anything to the rant, that’s why.

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