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Hello all, I got here in my quest for a lair to scourge for articles meant to help me improve as a developer without having the need to check out another website. So far, I'm loving it.

I'm a poet. So yes, I believe that code is poetry, first encountered WordPress in 2013, first got to know of hypertext preprocessor in 2012 through Uloki script, learned how to read it and manipulate databases with it through the script.

I have multiple personalities in this order; Developer, Poet, Designer. Not multiple personalities disorder.

I spend time now writing, designing websites using WordPress and creating timeless visual identities (Logo) for startups and more. While studying Industrial Chemistry at a university.

I work with ease while listening to either inner silence, an album or a track on loop. I don't do coffee, and my typical sleeping time is 6-9 A.M.

I love; peace of mind and pun.

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