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What's you favorite online code editor?

cilvako profile image Silvia Bogdan ใƒป1 min read

Lately, my go-to playground is Codesandbox because it lets me add npm dependencies super fast and easy plus, I can create a new React project with just a few clicks.

What's your favorite?

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Codepen - because it made me aware of dev.to


Codepen has a share option that lists 'DEV'(.to) that I didn't notice until a week ago:
The share buttons from Codepen including the 'dev.to' option

Haha, I had no idea either :). But I kind of stopped using Codepen like a year ago so maybe it wasn't there yet (?). Thx for sharing.

Good point and thanks for sharing CodeSandbox!

  • Codesandbox.io
  • Stackblitz.com
  • Glitch.com
  • Jsbin.com
  • Jsfiddle.com
  • Repl.it
  • scrimba.com Mostly I use vscode... but not any online editor!

Awww, thx for reminding me of Glitch. I used it quite a lot around two years ago and I remember they always gave funny names to the new projects.


Ya! We can delete our projects but they always store our projects! I still remember I felt so awe when I saw all my deleted projects in the trash and I'm able to restore them.



I wrote about my experience and how to get started:

Also, my coupon code mikenikles gives you 30% off for the first three months once you've used your monthly free allowance.


Thank you for sharing :).


My favorite is codepen, I usually don't need anything fancy so it's perfect. And now that ESmodules are supported, stuff like this work.

import S from 'https://jspm.dev/sanctuary@3.0.0';

console.log (S.show (S.Pair (true) ('what?')));

That only saves me like two clicks but I love it. I would also like to mention webmaker, is like codepen but works offline (I think is faster, too).

If I do need something fancy I go for stackblitz. It's a VScode on the browser, like codesanbox.

This one I love, I just saw it a couple of months ago, it's called observablehq. I think the main use is for data visualization but since it supports markdown it opens the posibility to create articles with interactive examples. I had a lot of fun creating this one.


I'll pile on to the love for Repl.it, CodePen, and Codesandbox. Also, honorable mention to Gitlab's IDE which I use at work for addressing code review comments when I'm too lazy busy to check out the branch.

I looked into online editors a bunch when moving to a Chromebook as my day-to-day computer, but it's surprising that there isn't a lot of popularity for online coding. I ended up caving and just installing IntelliJ, which feels so silly and overpowered to have on a Chromebook.


Codesandbox all the way as it uses the same editor as VSCode along with all it's preferences which makes it easy to work with. Also I like how different templates are already present and we can choose as per our requirements which makes it great for examples and prototypes. I have yet to try it on a large scale though.


Gitpod is fantastic. I have an extension to place a button on github repositories page so I can open it directly in GitPod. I can run an app without cloning it to my own system.


They are planning to add this natively to GitHub with CodeSpaces.



When I first used Gitpod, I wondered why was not Github like that natively, too.. Just hate to clone everything..


Never heard of it, thx for sharing :).


I use Stackblitz for pretty much everything. I can one click a complete environment. It's super fast so very efficient to quickly test something or follow a tutorial without messing around with a local setup.


For AWS stuff I used Cloud9 because it runs on a EC2 with an Amazon Linux 2 that comes pre-installed and configured with all the AWS CLIs, SDKs and Lambda runtimes.

While I don't like the editor (I'm mostly a VSCode fanboy) the tooling and setup is unbeatable.



Nope. That's my fave. Period.





CodeSandbox all the way for me. The ability to write node servers and React apps and then run them here - gotta love it!


Not fair. Why doesn't the gave save the level you died on :D?


Ah now that is for the next part of the tutorial I'm writing on it lol

My OCD loves this game :D.


Visual Studio Code features a lightning fast source code editor, perfect for day-to-day use. With support for hundreds of languages, It really helps you be instantly productive with syntax highlighting, bracket-matching, auto-indentation, box-selection, snippets, and more.


VS Code has an online version? Had no idea.


No, basically it is a free source-code editor made by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and macOS. Some of the features that really fasincates me includes support for debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git. Thus as a developer, I feel comfortable working on this.

Ah, ok, it was a misunderstanding :). I was asking about online editors. I use VS Code every day, at work and at home.

Oh. I'm sorry too. I thought it was only about code editor :)

No worries. VS Code is my favorite code editor up until now. I love the extensions and the Javascript support.

For the record, VS Code does have an online version (VS Codespaces).

just last weekend, I started to run vs code in the browser, there are a bunch of options also listed in the comments: run vscode in the browser with a single command


Svelte REPL. fastest lightest and the most smooth experience of writing front end. Of course it's only available for Svelte but, that's enough. I doubt any framework comes close to Svelte on perfection.


CodePen. Just because... if it's any more complex - we're going to want it in 'real code.' We kinda use jsFiddle for throw-away StackOverflow stuff - and CodePen for things we want to maintain and keep around.



I often write code for others (apprentices/teachers) and repl helps a lot. It's not exactly a code editor though.


I don't use online editors that much. But if I need to use it, then it's repl.it.


I use Code Server with Docker on a secondary machine (Mac Mini), I let my little computer breathe and keep the heavy stuff there.



Most frequently used as i find most of the solved bugs on these only :D


I got a few recommendations for Stackblitz, must check it out :D.


Codesandbox.io - for React and Node stuff..
JSBin.com - for quick code snippets, testing, etc..


Seems like a good reasoning. Thx for sharing.


I use confidently IntelliJ for both JavaScript and React and Java.


I like CodePen for creative, "arty" projects and Codesandbox for everything else. So I switch evenly between the two.


Codesandbox.io is also my Fav :)


Runs vscode off a server so I can code with my phone.


Wish I knew about it 4 years ago, when trying to learn Python. Back then I wasn't able to install it correctly (on my own) so I gave up :D. Thx for sharing.


I can add jsfiddle and codepen to the list, cheers!


I didn't really use jsfiddle in the last year (or maybe even more), I just noticed they change the interface quite a bit.


Codepen for fun
Codesandbox when I don't want to install IDE or can't install it
Repl.it for teaching and testing


I use


Good old Jsbin. I used it a lot while learning how to code and I also used to confuse it with Jsfiddle all the time :). Thx for sharing.


Codesandbox and repl.it for me.


Is Eclipse Theia a good choice? I just use offline editors. Sorry I can not apport to much .


I don't know about it, to be honest, but I suppose every code editor is a good choice as long as it serves its purpose.


This is the ide behind Gitpod I believe