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New Crypto/Blockchain Panel Quiz Show Launches

Ben Sunderland

NeverMind the Shitcoins (or Sh*tcoins, depending how child-friendly the platform!), is an all new cryptocurrency-centric podcast with a panel quiz show twist.

With so much happening on the blockchain battlefields everyday, staying up to date with the latest news and events can drive you bonkers. So we thought, why not take a bunch of clever people, sit them down with some optional drinks, and ask them a bunch of quiz-style questions about what’s going on in the world of magical internet money!?

Our first episode will be recording and (with a little luck from the tech Gods!) broadcast live on Thursday this week (15/7/21), with the far smoother, edited version to go out on all good podcast stores the following day. What better way to make sure you haven’t missed a thing?

As well as topical stuff, we also have a whole bunch of other games, interactive stuff and listener prizes for you to play along and win at home! It’ll be just like the good old days of radio, sort of…

If this isn’t enough to get you excited yet, well, we’re also (trying!) to do a $100 Ethereum giveaway to kick off the action. No catch, just follow the NVMTS Twitter, and retweet the giveaway post. As soon as we reach 100 followers, we’ll pick a winner.


Ben Sunderland
Over-opinionated hyphen-abuser, lover of words, and magical internet money community management extraordinaire....

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