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🎮6 free games in May, for the moments of relaxation

Pablo Álvarez Corredera
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Ubisofot is giving away Assasin Creed II until May 5 👇 also giving away: Rayman Legends
..and Child of Light

And there is still more. Epic Games is giving away: Crashlands also giving away: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Finally, Steam is giving away PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2; for PC, and Playstation 4, and Xbox. Here..

If you are addicted to video games and want to see the news of 2020, below you can find a whole library of new video games for this year..


🥇 ▷ Free Video Games to Download 2020:

💻 Computer Video Games 2020:

🎮 Playstation Video Games 2020:

🎮 Xbox Video Games 2020:

🎮 Switch Video Games 2020:

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