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re: As an extension of this discussion, I'm contemplating the relationship between curiosity and problem solving. Does a relationship exist? Is one or ...

Natural curiosity is definitely a common trait among IT people, regardless of role. Plenty of non-IT people always ask us, "How did you become so good at x?" or "How did you learn to use y?" and the answer is usually "I just poked around until I figured it out." This is usually not the answer non-IT people want to hear.

In my personal experience, the best way to help nurture curiosity in people like that (who do not naturally want to take everything apart, find all the settings, and press all the buttons) is to reassure them that they won't break anything, even if it means setting up some sort of sandbox environment for learning. Taking away that fear of ruining things is often the first step toward curiosity-based learning.

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