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Discussion on: I'm Slow And That's Okay

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Martin Stickley

Hi Steven. Great read, and one that particular resonates with me at the moment. Throughout a lot of my software development career I have been fortunate to work fairly independently having been the subject matter expert, however, I have recently left the corporate rat race and I am now working on an personal project / start up. It's now much clearer to me that I do "eat the frog". It's my family who are the ones looking in and I keep finding myself becoming defensive over my perceived lack of progress. I find it particularly difficult to explain to non technical people that I am trying to put in place generic procedures and design patterns that will help down the line, as they only see finished projects "on the web" and have no concept of the actual design and implementation process. (I guess this is a challenge I should work on) They want to see food on the table and me showing them back end code does not alleviate their worries. It is now a real battle for me to stick to what I believe to be the correct approach (eating the many frogs) rather than caving in and doing a few show piece "easy" visual things that others deem to represent real progress.