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It honestly depends on the week, some days I can finish work at around 6 PM and go straight to working on side projects until midnight, and other days I feel like I need a break right after work.

I'm thankful to work at a place where work-life balance is really valued and overtime is never pushed and always avoided.


This balance you mention feels like an exception, but we can bend the culture so it becomes a common thing.


I believe you on this one Jaime. I made sure to chose the right company for my first job as a Software Engineer but have heard really tough stories of burn out from friends & people on Twitter. 😟

I also agree with the sentiment here. Fortunately, the company I work for also values this balance and they allow me the time to do non-work related stuff because they don't want anybody to suffer from burn out.


I always make it very clear that I work from 8 to 5, no exceptions. If that's not good enough then I'm not your guy.

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