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Develop An App Like Uber in 2021

Any investor would dream about having a multi-billion app like Uber. New apps keep cropping up inspired by the tremendous success of Uber. Uber-like app development seems to be a smart move. But how to do that? In this article, we will talk exactly about that!
Let's start from the very beginning. Let’s see how the app was developed and what values it adheres to. Believe it or not, Uber’s success is not conditioned by the money component but is backed by the astonishing system of customer recognition. We will talk about the value system, feature, cost, B2B, and more.

Building Apps Like Uber: A Firsthand Experience
Let's dive into the history of the development of the Uber app. How did it emerge? What is the secret behind its success?
In 2009, Uber was founded as Ubercab by Garrett Camp, a computer programmer. Camp and his friends wanted to find a cheaper way for transportation. They realized that sharing a car can cut the cost. Initially, users could hail only a black luxury car but later a cheaper option allowed people to use non-luxury vehicles. By early 2013, the service was operating in 35 cities. Uber Technologies generated around 11.1 billion U.S. dollars in net revenue in 2020.
So, how come Uber became so successful? And we are not talking only about a cheaper ride. It's the user experience that backs the success of the taxi company. Uber's app is easy to use, and promotes transparency, safety, and accountability between a customer and a driver.
Here are three lessons for those who want to make an app like Uber.
Make your transaction simple.
Uber’s communication between the driver and the customer is super easy and convenient. A lot of customers prefer Uber for the ease of the business.
Eliminate surprises.
Uber’s customers can know in advance what the cost of the drive will be.
Gain trust.
A lot of customers consider Uber a trustworthy business, and Uber has gained this through accountability and transparency.

Uber-Like Platform for Repair Services
Uber is not only a taxi business. Its Uber Freight app helps carriers and shippers to match. Uber also has a food delivery service. Let's have a look at how you can use an Uber-like platform for repair services.
You need to know your customers. Customers want everything now or never. Usually, they forget about car servicing or are too lazy to go to a garage for repair. What if they can book a mechanic right at their doorstep? They need to choose the instant “mobile mechanic near me” facilities available on their smartphones.
There are already apps that offer Uber-like solutions and not only in the automotive industry and repair. Handy, for example, lets customers use house cleaning and a number of other home services like plumbing, electrics, and more.
Another interesting solution is Soothe. With Soothe you can get hooked with professionals and schedule massage, spa, etc. This is considered a luxury service but Soothe also offers a substantial discount over spas and hotels.
In short, the market demands for apps that will link both the consumers and the suppliers, and this can be done in various industries. Whether you call it the on-demand economy, the gig economy or the sharing economy, it doesn’t matter. Clearly, there is a market for a lot of on-demand services and, believe it or not, someone is developing an app for that right now. Do it in home repair, food, pickup and delivery, logistics, beauty, grocery, you name it!

How to Make an App Like Uber: Functionality

Let's talk about thefunctionality. You would basically need to create three separate apps. One for drivers, one for customers and one admin panel. You will also need a landing page for drivers or whoever your clients are to sign up for the business.
Now let's talk about the value system that backs Uber app features and this may give you an idea of what to do in your own app.
Make it Cheap
With Uber, you can split the fare with three people. You need to tap ''Split Fare'' on your smartphone and select the riders from your contact. It's easy and convenient!
Make it Real
Uber gives you an opportunity to share your real-time trip details with your colleagues or loved ones. Your contacts will receive an SMS with a link to your journey, including details of your car and the driver.
Make it Convenient
You can ride to multiple destinations so your driver can pick up and drop off others with ease. Simply tap ‘Add a Stop’, then tap ‘Save.’
Make it Predictable
You can schedule a ride up to 30 days in advance. Whether you need a long journey or a ride to the airport, Uber is always there for you.

How Much Does the Uber App Development Cost?
There is no straightforward answer to this question. It depends on the complexity and the functionality of the app. However, most overseas companies are ready to work on a $30-$50 hourly rate. The cost of the application also depends on the country, customization, team size, etc.
You can also go for a clone solution to make your app within budget. This is not a new approach. The development companies customize the solution depending on specific business needs and sell the app. So, if you are after a faster and cheaper alternative, a clone solution is a way to go.

How to Start a Business Like Uber? Challenges to Consider Let’s talk about the challenges. Creating a business like Uber has its own challenges. Let’s see what the challenges are that Uber faces.
One of the reasons Uber has been so successful is surprisingly in the fact that it hasn’t been subject to the same regulations as other cab companies. However, this is changing. Local governments are introducing new laws that negatively affect the company’s success. For example, Uber stopped working in Kansas due to these reasons.
Uber is also criticized for deceptive pricing. It charges customers not only for miles but also for time. So, you may end up paying less when you drive at a higher speed.
So, what are the lessons to learn? Being honest and transparent with your customers is the cornerstone of your success. Even a giant company like Uber has its faults and you need to consider these challenges when you build your own app.

B2B aspect of Uber-Like Apps
Research shows that the B2B aspect of Uber-like apps is often neglected resulting in total failure. The application should integrate both with the end-client and service provider.
Let’s have a look at how Uber manages the B2B model for businesses.
Uber​ has launched a business-to-business model called "Uber for Business​". This allows those who travel on a daily basis or travel at night or between offices to use their services without any hassle. This new service comes with three features:
Set-and-forget travel programs: these programs allow managers to set automated programs for mobility needs. This may work well, for example, for late-night rides.
New permissions: companies can set rules on how much employees can travel or how much they can spend.
A fresh user interface: The Uber for Business dashboard has been re-designed allowing a seamless user experience.

Even great apps can fail if customer needs are not properly accounted for. The success of Uber is determined by the extraordinary ease of user experience. Lessons to be learned are vital. One thing is clear. It’s worth investing in the automotive industry and not only that. Uber’s success encouraged entrepreneurs to seek solutions in other industries, too. Uber-like apps can be developed in the food industry, repair, home services, beauty, logistics, and more.

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