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Discussion on: Using Gulp to Optimize Your Site Speed and Improve SEO

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Christian Author

I think it definitely depends. For the specific purpose of working with a CMS like Wordpress or Craft I found gulp to be just less of a headache. So the main gulp pro for me is simplicity. I'm sure there's a way to configure a php or twig template file to work with webpack, but I'd figure it's not as flexible as the gulp setup I have here. I also found gulp piping to be a much easier process than configuring a webpack file.

They definitely can do very similar things for minifying css/html/js, transpiling, or preprocessing files, but adding/subtracting plugins into a gulp piping setup makes a lot more sense for me. The con for gulp is pretty much what you're getting at. If you can achieve the same result with webpack, then why bother doing more with what can be done with less.

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Yes I can surely imagine that! Webpack is way more complex and it's probably overkill if all you want is minify and concatenate and not all of the other "advanced" stuff like Babel etc. Gulp is a more simple and more focused tool then.