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Top Digital Workplace Trends of 2021

christi57713919 profile image Christina Jane ・3 min read

Organizations worldwide will remember 2020 as the year of disruption. Covid-19 threw businesses off-track, leaving them to find new ways to deal with the new normal.

And looking back, businesses have adapted really well to the change. Although the times were indeed challenging, the last year has brought the most digital transformation in the whole of the past decade.

The traditional workplace and associated norms are long gone. Today, businesses realize that to stay productive and relevant in the future, it is crucial to implement the latest workplace trends. So what are the digital workplace trends that will rule 2021? Let's take a look!

Hybrid working arrangement
Covid-19 made employees at all levels shift to work-from-home for some time. Although offices plan to restart by 2021, we will be looking at a hybrid workplace scenario, where employees could work from home or office as per their choice.

With the help of platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Sharepoint Intranet software, creating a workplace that is unrestricted by physical boundaries isn't hard to achieve. These tools help in collaboration and communication and simulate an office environment virtually. Their ease of adoption, usage, and security benefits make these tools reliable, empowering the hybrid workspace culture.

Enterprise mobile apps
This will be a very popular trend in 2021, considering its relevancy and demand. More and more employees today like to stay connected with the workplace on the go. It is a very beneficial attitude as it helps in increasing the productivity of an organization.

Enterprise mobile apps can help employees access data when away from work and manage work-related information easily. With push notifications for important updates, it can help employees stay on top of their work schedule. Also, managing information like timesheets, leave, etc., can be done more efficiently with enterprise apps.

Cloud-based software
With a flexible workplace environment being the future normal, legacy software systems will no longer be enough. These on-premise software does not support collaboration and are difficult to manage when dealing with a distributed workforce.

Cloud-based software will become a must-have for the digital workplace in 2021. Since they are cloud-based, they can be accessed from anywhere without any restrictions, making it easy to collaborate, share, and manage work. Further, they are cost-effective and easy to maintain and upgrade as compared to traditional systems.

Sharepoint DMS software is one of the strongest cloud-based document management systems that are used by organizations of all scales and all verticals to meet their business needs.

Desktop as a service (DaaS)
Since remote working is set to become normal in the future, it could create some difficulties during the employee onboarding process. To make sure that the new employees have all the necessary apps and software required will be a headache for the HR officials.

DaaS is a virtual computing technology that helps to alleviate this problem. With Daas, employees can access virtual applications on an organizations' desktop from anywhere. It is a cloud-based service, so it requires internet connectivity. But it is a very secure way to manage multiple users in a cost-effective manner.

Manual and paper-based processes have always given organizations headaches. Now with employees being scattered at different geographical locations, it is impossible as well. And this, finally, is causing organizations to embrace automation.

Automation makes workflow management very easy, efficient, and quick. When all the paperwork is replaced with automated software, it increases the productivity of employees tenfold. A load of repetitive, manual processes will be taken off from employees, and they will have time to focus on other important tasks.

With automation, finding information, sharing, updating- everything can be done in less time and with less effort.

Keeping up with digital workplace trends are critical for the survival of your organization. As we are moving towards a more flexible and distributed work culture, implementing these digital trends are essential to make up for the lack of physical proximity.

The best part is they are beneficial both for employees and employers. In a remote working scenario, without collaboration and communication, there might be a lack of connection in employees towards the organization. These digital trends will ensure that employees can enjoy a positive work atmosphere even in a remote working scenario.

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