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Discussion on: A Plan for Planning Your First Side Project

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Christian Lutz

Nice article! 💪👍
Planning your project before starting to code is so important.
Setting up a kanban board and working with it is something, that helped me a lot while working on a project.

I like the idea to ask yourself the question if someone would "review/understand/merge" your code if you would submit it for someone else.

This approach along with using a different editor to review your own code lets you see your work in a different light and may show you some mistakes.

I will try this approach in the future for my projects.

Maybe you want to read my article about my process of creating a web application. 😋
I used some of the tips for working on my project too.

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Angelika Jarosz Author

Thank you! Its always important to remember that things can be broken down into smaller problems until you can solve them.