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Chris Achinga

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Week 1 of #100Days100Projects

After reading a blog post from Florin Pop on 100 Days 100 Projects (, I was motivated. I felt like in the past few six months that I've been learning to code, were a total waste.

A day later, I started the challenge and BOY!! I've learned more in the past 8 days compared to the 6 months.

At first, I tried to follow Florin's projects lists but I noticed I'd be copying and pasting most of the stuff, so I went a little more creative and Googled for projects that I'd be working on for the next 100 days.
I wanted to share the experience and also try out writing my first article as a programmer. I hope I'd be good at this.

Well, to sum up, I have been using basic HTML, CSS and Vanilla JavaScript on the projects I have done so far.

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