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re: I've only played for few seconds but here are the things I've noticed: Unintuitive UI you don't know what all those dropdown selects do. Dropdow...

Thanks, yeah there are still performance optimizations to be made. Right now it blocks I/O which is obviously bad. It opens new tabs so you can arrange windows as you like on multiple screens but I get what you're saying, we might allow both ways. CodePen isn't really an IDE, it isn't made for building apps from multiple files. We generate multiple files and need some sort of navigation among them. Since it uses a very compact and generic state management, we don't need file explorer. Hence the dropdowns. But we can change it of course. Also, we're thinking of having a desktop app to address the limitations of in browser environment.

Yeah CodePen is not good example of IDE but it's example of good UX. As example of real IDE check stackblitz.com/ it have file tree on the left, worse UX is to surprise the user, every IDE out there have file tree on the left. If open in new tab is for multiple screen you should make it optional maybe dropdown menu (with 3 dots) near the opened file.

Thanks, that's very useful. I agree with all your points. Clearly I'm not a UX/UI person myself 😃

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