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Ah, very interesting... I usually resort to adding:

background-color: blue;

to whatever I'm currently debugging 🤣

This seems like a more sane alternative... :)


I usually pick rebeccapurpe - because I only type "re" instead of "red" and Chrome autocompletes it to "rebeccapurple". It also wants you to get your stuff fixed asap because of its color to get rid of it :D


I though I was the only one debugging with blue :-)


My color of choice is background-color: aliceblue, it’s softer on the eyes 😁


Never even knew that was a color, heh... it is quite nice 😁

And to compare I use lavenderblush. I know it’s really pastel, but most of my web dev is on bright background, so using red or blue is like poking myself in the eye with a pen.

You might find this interesting (on the subject of colour and gender identify).

Whoops. I mindlessly used a gender assumption, I apologize. I've edited the original comment. Thanks for pointing it out :)


I like to use yellow because it looks ugly. Makes me feel like a rebel.

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