Discussion on: Powerlifting has made me a better developer. (Part 1: Interpersonally)

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Chris Achard

"What hobbies do you have that have improved your skills as a developer?"

Rock climbing:

When you're on a wall, you zone everything else out and are just focused on the next step. Not only is that a great metaphor for what "flow" feels like when developing - but it's a great meditative activity which helps relieve stress, and lets you make better programming decisions later.

Try it out!

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Jesse Koester

Hiking and backpacking for me when you have 50 miles to do sometimes the one foot in front of the other is a great thing to be "OK" with. As a creative, forced creativity can be a good thing. It get you through the times when you just don't feel like creating. It also is meditative in a weird way, you get up you eat, you walk, you eat, you walk some more, you eat and then you sleep. Then you get up and do it again, it is simple so that time away where that is all I have to worry about is restful and I come back ramped up and ready to go.

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Kayla Sween Author

That’s a good one! I love bouldering, but we only have one place near us that offers it near us. It gets pretty tight if there’s more than 3 people there, so we go when we can while traveling.