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Discussion on: A definition of the Linux desktop

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Choco Lim • Edited on

I have to install Ubuntu to a Macbook pro 2011 and start using Linux GUI, last time I used it was on 2007. I always use the command line.

I dont think I have any control over Linux without have to know a lot. I really just want to use Eclipse for Java Developments, Firefox and Spotify.

I had to modify a few configurations to make the macbook's keyboard to work. The trackpad is horrible on linux.

All the utility Apps and the Gnome/KDE interface works just adequate.

Yes, maybe I am able to modify the kernel and made the trackpad more OSX like, or contribute code to the GUI, but I don't have time avaible, so I have no control over Linux either.

People on linux are always see the things you are able to do with infinite time available, and that's is not always the case.