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Discussion on: Why some people hate PHP?

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Choco Lim

PHP is the best worst programming language.

I love it, and hate it too.

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I don't mind using it as long as it does the whole job.

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Wesley Ameling

Thats applicable to any language!

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Since all programming languages are not the same. That statement is probably not accurate.

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Choco Lim • Edited on

Actually no, because if you do a website in php and if you need a forum, the issue that you will have is that you will consume a lot of time choosing templates and plugins.
There is not chance of choose in another language for web related apps.

Maybe you need to do a plugin for auto add topics that need to take from the news seccion of your site for the forum, and you will see the php syntax and think uuuughh I hate this, but then you will find a this_is_exactly_what_i_want_to_do() command build in php and you will love it, the you will see the code and think uuuughh again.

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Juan De los santos Author • Edited on

I agree with you, most of the time, when we "love" a programming language or something else, we also hate it or get frustrated, because we always find something difficult that we can not find a way to solve it unless we spend a few minutes/hours playing around with a tedious documentation... XD