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Discussion on: From no programming experience to web developer in 19 small steps

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Hii, i am beginner in web development know all besic concepts but know i want to go with mern stack development so can u suggest hiw can i go with that

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Cat McGee Author • Edited on

Hi!! So exciting, welcome to web development! MERN stack includes React, so these 19 steps will help you for learning that. While you're learning Javascript, you can really easily learn Node (the N in MERN). Node is just backend Javascript. As long as you know how to use the command line and understand Javascript, Node is easy to learn. Express (the E in MERN) pretty much comes hand-in-hand with Node. It's just a library that you can use with Node. Follow this to get started with Node and Express.

Then play around with Node and Express, try out different things. Once you're relatively comfortable, start learning how frontend (React) works with backend (Node & Express). Make a project. I love this one - create a collaborative drawing tool with React, Node, and Express (ERN!) Keep playing around until you feel comfortable with all of these things working together.

For learning MongoDB (the M in MERN), it really depends on how comfortable you are with how databases work. I'd suggest taking a short introductory course into databases and NoSQL so that you're at least comfortable with the concepts. Otherwise using databases will be way too complicated! Then follow this tutorial to set MongoDB up on your computer and play around with it for a while. Then connect it with your Node and Express app, I think this tutorial is pretty good for that. Then, try to make it work with the collaborative drawing tool!

Good luck with your learning. I know it can seem really daunting at the start. But trust me, things will start falling in to place once you start building things on your own and it'll be the best feeling ever.