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Udemy is a marketplace for e-learning and teaching online. With the help of udemy students can learn and master new skills by learning from a huge library of over 55,000 courses taught by different expert instructors.

So having these much amount of potential market many wants to develop this kind of website. Let me tell you it’s not an easy task to get all features in first phase of website development. One needs to do continuous development and need to add new feature to enrich the user experience.

Here is the least of basic functionality one need, based on each page when he wants to launch a website like Udemy:

Home Page:

This Page will have Logo of the company. (Logo will be provided from client)

The development of page will have below details:

  1. 3 full screen banners
  2. Top Courses List
  3. Big button for browsing different courses
  4. Sign up or Registration button
  5. Log In Option in Header Part with tutor registration and sign up for students: => Student or Trainee Registration: Name, e-mail, Password => Tutor Registration: Name, e-mail, Password About Us Page:

In the development process of About Us Page will have details of the company.

This Page will have subpages which are mentioned below:

  1. Mission and Vision
  2. Team
  3. Career
  4. Press

Training Page:
Development of training page in which details for training service for any business will be given.

Affiliates Page:
Development of Affiliates page will be done in which details for affiliate program will be given.

Blog Page:
Development of blog page which will have list of different blogs.

Support Page:
Development of support page in which details for support will be given.

Tutor Dashboard:

Tutor Dashboard will have below details which needs to be developed:

  1. Course Creation panel in which basic information of course and 2. summary of course will be added
  2. Images
  3. Promo video
  4. Test Video
  5. Add Lectures 7.Add Quiz
  6. Ad d Project or Exercise
  7. Price and Coupons
  8. Manage Instructors
  9. Student message
  10. Analytics of Student Satisfaction
  11. Manage student => Project submitted who applied for certification => Assessments of student who applied for certification => Provide Certificate

Student Dashboard:

Student Dashboard will have below details which needs to be developed:

  1. List of registered courses
  2. Download attachments or documents
  3. Open Discussion
  4. Project/Exercise submission
  5. Take a quiz
  6. Check Assessments
  7. Apply for Certificate if tutor provides
  8. Account setting

Admin Side Features:

  1. Menu Hierarchy Management
  2. Banner Management
  3. Content Article Management
  4. User Management
  5. Tutor Management
  6. Category Management
  7. Courses Management
  8. Static Page Management
  9. Blog Management
  10. Contact Us
  11. Payment Management

Vibidsoft has expertise to develop this kind of website in the timeline of 2-3 months. The cost will totally depend on the features you are selecting. So don’t wait if you want to design and develop a clone of Udemy mail us on inquiry@vibidsoft.com.


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Is this even viable with all the free resources available, or worth a possible lawsuit?

Especially since you posted this in a public website that some of their devs probably frequent?

No disrespect, but rather, questions to prompt discussion. ❤️💯


If you can let me know what exactly you're trying to say that will be better for me to explain further.


Absolutely Sir!

I can only speak as a Westerner here, it may be different in your region.

With all of the free learning resources currently available, why would someone want to pay money to clone Udemy?

Even if you did, their market share of the learning sector is vast, the person bankrolling this would never see much ROI (Return on Investment).

Sure you might be able to hire a genius marketer, but Udemy, Codecademy, and Freecodecamp.org basically have this sector on lock.

Secondly, if you cloned Udemy and didn't change it enough, you're begging for a lawsuit in the states. Copyright laws are strict in this side of the pond, and you listed out their entire structure ad verbatim. That's lawsuit territory my friend, if you were to bring it to market, and who the heck wants to litigate? 😏

Yes you can spin that enough to maybe wiggle out of a lawsuit, but is it worth the risk?

Maybe it is to the right person, you never know. 💯❤️

In terms of business there are number of clients who are paying us to develop the website like Udemy which is platform to provide online education. And they are generating enough amount of revenue in which they can easily have profit. As you're talking about ROI , it can be possible if you have proper business plan, marketing strategy and niche market for your platform. And it's all long term process you will require patience in order to generate real profit.
Now as you're talking about copyright laws, i'd like to let you know that our team provide the whole customize design which can be completely different from the Udemy and you can have the functionalities of udemy. So there will not be any issue of Copyright or anything.
I hope you can understand from this.
Thank You.

Good to hear you're killing it over there! 💯


Edit: My poor attempt at a hashtag on dev.to 😏