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AWS re:skill Program 2021!!🤩🤩Earn Rewards

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content deliveryand other functionality to help businesses scale.

AWS Provides:
1)Improve Skills
2)Earn Rewards
3)Build Network

AWS re:Skill Program 2021

re:Skill in Partnership with AWS Community to help Developers learn and Meet the vast Community on AWS Platform.


Major Highlights

1)Be recognized as an expert at the National level.
2)Earn AWS Goodies.
3)Free Digital Badges For all Candidates.
4)Cash Prizes Worth Rs. 5000 Amazon Voucher.

Who Should Participate?

Participation is open to all tech enthusiasts. Go through the learning videos and take up the challenge, and get an opportunity to win badges and points.


-> Got Experience in AWS.
-> Learned to work with the group.
-> Had a great Networking with Amazing Peoples!

How to Get Enrolled?

Just Login to Re:skill Platform and You are Ready to Participate.
After Completion of Quiz and Gaining 1000 Points you are Eligible to Redeem your T-Shirt.
Then you will Receive Email:-


T-Shirt I Received🤩🤩:-


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Discussion (5)

himanshu_21 profile image
Himanshu Ramteke

Nice 👌🏻👌🏻

chinmaykulkarni19 profile image
Chinmay Kulkarni Author

Glad you Liked it!!

lokibigwin profile image
Lokesh P

i have exactly 1000 points but i cant able to redeem what to do just i got 1000 points

robogeek95 profile image
Azeez Lukman

Hi, thanks for this, a link to the program would also be helpful

chinmaykulkarni19 profile image
Chinmay Kulkarni Author

Yes, Thanks for suggestion. 😊