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Miss Pooja Anilkumar Patel
Miss Pooja Anilkumar Patel

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98. Leetcode solution in CPP

class Solution {
  public boolean isValidBST(TreeNode root) {
    return isValidBST(root, null, null);

  private boolean isValidBST(TreeNode root, TreeNode minNode, TreeNode maxNode) {
    if (root == null)
      return true;
    if (minNode != null && root.val <= minNode.val)
      return false;
    if (maxNode != null && root.val >= maxNode.val)
      return false;

    return isValidBST(root.left, minNode, root) &&
           isValidBST(root.right, root, maxNode);

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here is the link for the problem:

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