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Surprise! (On the other hand, this will further reduce the market share of other, better VCSs. The good always eats the better. Sigh.)


And which do you think is better?

(You better not say TFS)


TFS is confusing.

I, personally, usually use either Mercurial (for my larger projects - in my opinion it is "like Git, but without the annoyances") or Darcs (for the projects which will only ever have one contributor: myself). For some reason yet unknown, there is something written by me resting on GitHub as well. Yes, resting. Git's branching is a mess, Git's license is awful, Git's "structure" with a couple dozens of separate commands tastes like a bad joke, Git's merging has destroyed my code more than once in the past (never happened with Mercurial).

However, I am planning to move most of my code repositories to one of my own servers for better maintainability, probably using SVN as the lowest common denominator. (None of my projects has ever had more than two branches at a time.)

You are not expected to share my view on this.

Haha I like the disclaimer! My TFS comment was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek joke, not judgmental.

I would agree Git can be confusing, and often overkill if it's only one or two people working on a project. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

often overkill if it's only one or two people working on a project.

That's only one of the things that are wrong in the web developer world: People throwing overweight "solutions" at anything that looks like a problem instead of choosing the right tools for the right job.

So much to do before it all explodes.

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