How to get a job with a different technology?

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Hey folks!

I've been programming JavaScript professionally for the last 10 years. In 2014, started with React and never stopped.

I have such a pretty stable job today, with a fair salary, great teammates and all—absolutely nothing to complain about. The only issue is that I'm quite tired of programming JavaScript/TypeScript/React every day.

I mean, all my career was about creating (the front end of) web apps on the top of the technologies I mentioned. I really want something different so I started studying Rust and Go (in my spare time) but definitely there is a loooong way ahead for me to reach that point of becoming a "hireable" programmer [in the languages I mentioned].

That said, any advices?

P.S.: I live in Brazil. Rust and Go and these "brand new" technologies are still myths here, so knocking at a company's door asking for a junior role is not an option.

P.S.2: I didn't like the title of this post, but can't think of anything better. Please, leave a comment if you have something in mind.


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There are companies out there who are willing to take on developers like yourself who are experienced in a programming language, and cross-train you into a new one. Or you could consider a company that has a varied tech stack, where you'll use e.g JavaScript plus learn their other languages on the job. I think many businesses are realising that the concepts and skills shared between languages are more important than specific languages themselves. That being said, Go is a little bit different to most OOP languages I think...

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Guilherme Oderdenge Author

Hey Evie, thanks for your answer.

I'm just curious on where these companies are lol.