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Discussion on: You Can Do it in SQL, Stop Writing Extra Code for it

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Chidiebere Ogujeiofor

My argument is simple. It is the role of the team lead or more senior guys on a team to ensure that SQL injection the most basic error while writing SQL does not happen. If they can't ensure that then the app would be buggy anyways

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Mihail Malo

Serious question: Why are there 100 unique developers writing queries directly against the one same database, whether via SQL plaintext, query builders or even ORMs?
I see only two scenarios:

  1. They are all reimplementing the same tiny API over and over again. This API should be owned by one team and provided as a library, network endpoint, or both.
  2. The database has grown too complex and has long become the bottleneck for development by such a large number of people. It should be split so that teams own their schemas (without necessarily having access to production data in these schemas)