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Discussion on: I've hit a brick wall. How do I progress as a React Dev and other confusions.

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Chidiebere Ogujeiofor

Hello. The concern you currently have is a very good one. It shows that you are interested in learning how to write better software and not just get stuff to work. That's a very healthy ambition.

One thing that helped me to learn this was building projects with folks that are more advanced than I am. I have found that one or two of these kinds of projects can help you learn a ton(literally every day of working with these senior folks).

So if you have any in your network you could do well to interact with them on this idea

Finally, I think you are very correct, TypeScript is something you need in your arsenal. However, I think solving the spaghetti issue should be of higher priority(you can do both at the same time you see)

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SandeepGamot Author

Thanks Chidiebere, stepping up!