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re: Writing a review is a great idea. 👌 I always read reviews before buying a book, since most of them are pretty expensive. But you're right; for t...

One thing to note is that even though it's free shipping at the moment, I had to pay an customs tax when it came in from the US. It wasn't a lot, probably the rate of local shipping.

Hey! My first post on dev.to. That's my book :) I'm so honored you mentioned it! Please, let me know how you liked it after you're done reading. Rebecca, it was designed primarily for people who are having their first contact with computer science. Still, more advanced coders have read it and enjoyed, because it provides a nice overview of important topics. If you read it, please send me your feedback as well :)

No way? Wow, that's stunning. 😍 Yes, as soon as I'm through with it, I'll send you my feedback for sure.

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