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New Years Resolutions

Some time ago I wanted to evaluate which front end Javascript library or framework to use. The clear front runners were Angular, React and Vue. I did a fair amount of reading and played around a bit, and decided I would begin a more serious exploration with Vue.

Given I know how open source projects often don't receive financial support I was happy to subscribe to the educational materials being produced by the Vue developers.

That was at the start of last year I think. And I have not had time to really get into it like planned. I did the initial basic course, but not much further. Which is a pity because they are a great example of how we should be supported, and how developers should be willing to fund the tools that make their jobs easier.

I won't be unsubscribing, but I do intend to actually get into it this year. I may also try to learn Angular again. If only I had Neuralace to add a few GPUs to my brain.

Do you make well intended starts on new technology similar to gym memberships only for them to fall to the wayside? Do you fund or donate to the open source tools you use professionally?

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