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Been in the industry all my adult life. Technology is not strongly correlated with project success at all. You should of course use the right technology for the right job, but the best predictor of project success is team health and effective honest communication.

I did not understand this in my early career, but later was taught the importance of effective teamwork and honest communication. You can have two projects that are very similar, with similar technologies and similar skill sets, but wildly different outcomes caused by differences in teamwork.

When we talk about communication it isn't just speaking and listening, it is the wider culture of open discussions, respect for each other, treating everyone equally and valuing everyones views.

Too often prima-dona developers have so much invested in their reputation they actively undermine effective communication and teamwork. They do things like pull apart the work of other developers in code reviews and become possessive over their patch of code. A real professional is enthusiastic about mentoring less experienced developers, about leading by example, by being open when they make mistakes.

There is so much more to communication than simply communicating.

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