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Developing SSG using Node: Introduction

Kiran Chauhan
I design software with and for people.
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This is the first article in series of Developing SSG using Node.

Hi and welcome! I hope you are not angry on me, because I am going to take your half Saturday for this session on NodeJS. Actually, this is a first session on NodeJS. There will be two other sessions on NodeJS, going to be arranges on next Saturdays. But, you only have to attend if you like this one ( or your manager says to attend! ).

So, let's get started. As I said, there will be total three sessions on NodeJS as follow -

  1. NodeJS: An Introduction and SSG.
  2. NodeJS: Web and Issue Tracking System.
  3. NodeJS: Desktop and ToDo Application.

Speaking NodeJS is too mouthful for me. So, I am going to use Node only. The syntax used in making a name of session is like -

NodeJS: [Domain] and [Project]

Meaning that, in first session we are going to get an introduction to Node and while taking an introductory tour we will build a project called SSG or Static Site Generator. In second session, we will take a detour tour in Web by developing an Issue Tracking System. And finally, we will complete the third session by taking a look at how Node can be useful on developing desktop applications. And while taking a look, we will going to build one small ToDo application.

Are you ready? Let's get started.

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