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re: I'm working on creating an Orchid plugin to generate Groovy doc sites! The first step is hooking into the Groovydoc model to get some JSON, and t...

Very cool! I'm always interested in seeing how all the static site generators from different languages (Gatsby, Jekyll, Hugo, Orchid) stack up against each other performance wise. Here's to the new site!


Orchid is still quite young and I haven't done much perf optimization yet, so Gatsby and Hugo definitely are the top winners here. But Orchid has an advantage over Jekyll with large sites, as Jekyll tends to get really slow after a few hundred pages while Orchid's architecture actually improves build performance with larger sites.

You can see some actual numbers in Orchid's Netlify deploy logs. The latest build did about 500 pages in ~80 seconds, with median page generation times are at 11ms (hugo is <1ms). Definitely not winning any awards there, but certainly good enough for code doc sites integrated into a CI pipeline!

Good to know! Maybe next weekend I should mess around with Go and Hugo

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