Discussion on: Powerlifting has made me a better developer. (Part 1: Interpersonally)

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Charles Tawananyasha Machakwa

"What hobbies do you have that have improved your skills as a developer?"

Playing Guitar

I am just starting to learn JavaScript and still working on my HTML & CSS skills so maybe I am not exactly a developer yet, but I wouldn't have even thought of the possibility of me learning web development had I not picked up and succeeded guitar.

Before that I saw things in binary, you either could or could not. I didn't really believe I could learn guitar but I was reading books on self development and started to tell myself let me work on it.

If you have played guitar, you know that it comes with frustration, sore fingers, and painful wrists but somehow I kept going and learnt through YouTube. There wasn't much progress until there was, and it took me 4 months to be a bit comfortable playing or so months and I have continued to play till now.

Now I can play guitar quite well (not a pro ofcourse) and the patience I had to have during learning guitar, is what I use now to endure days of frustration and when I want to give up. I know if I stick with anything, it will pay off.

Since then I have learnt to sing a bit and I nolonger sound too bad. I learnt to touch type and now I can, I have learnt french and now I read and watch french tv. I also blog about my progress on Medium (Charles Machakwa is the name) and I feel like I have a new software installed in my brain.

Its not like I think about it consciously, it's just that I believe in myself a little bit more and that has made all the difference. So there. I believe guitar started the snowball and I am very grateful.

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Kayla Sween Author

I'd say that means you're a developer! 😊

This is such an awesome observation. Yeah, it's definitely a mind over matter issue. A lot of new skills may take a lot of work to acquire, but you can do it! Consistently working at it and honing those skills definitely pay off!

Thanks for reading and sharing, Charles!!

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