Visualizing the Primary Debates

Charles Landau on August 01, 2019

The past couple days in the US, the Democrats have been debating about who should get to run against Trump. The transcripts seemed like a fun subje... [Read Full]
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The word clouds are really difficult to read due to the colors but regardless this is great!


Thanks for the feedback! I also did a light-themed version but in my quick testing I felt that it looked worse. You can check it out below:


Let me know if you think that's better


Probably easier to read, but both versions have contrast issues. The purples on the dark background, the yellows on the light background.

Additionally, word clouds are a bit difficult to read generally.

Yea I agree with that. The Python wordclouds package does the best it can.


Any chance we could get links to large format images? They look interesting but are small (when I click on them). I esp. like the word cloud concept.


Thanks! The source images are in the kaggle link I shared at the top.

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