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How Do Shopify Product Labels Increase Your Store Conversions?

Chandrasekhar Sah
I am Chandrasekhar, A creative Digital Marketing Executive at Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd. helps clients to generate leads, drive site traffic.
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Shopify Product Labels are like "virtual stickers" that are added to your online products to draw attention to special offers/information about a product.

In other words, these are small stickers that build a variety of emotions when looking at the product. One of the key feelings is urgency! So, if you see a 'buy now becomes fast' label on a product, the next thing you'll find is curiosity. The questions will arise – what is so special about the product that people are purchasing it so much? What if I don't buy it and it goes out of stock? As a result, they will click on the product and check it out. And so, your chances of selling go up.

How Do Product Labels Increase Shopify Store Conversions?

In short, product labels and badges work as indirect nudges on the buyer to take the wanted action, which provokes them to buy the product and therefore results in higher conversion rates.

Like site-wide banners, product labels have proven the ability to draw the buyer's attention to a specific item.

1. Helps to Capture Short Attention Span

The attention span of a website user is nearly eight seconds. So if a possible buyer arrives in your store, 8 seconds is not sufficient time to know about goods then let alone buy it. Online shoppers have over 100 options so they get easily distracted and your conversion rate goes down!

That's where product labels come into the picture - they grab your buyer's consideration right away. With clear call-out text on the images, it breaks up the usual monotony and engages the audience.

2. Gives Instant Context on What You're Promoting

Shopify Product Labels use clear call-out text that quickly references the buyer. If a product is looking 'Buy one get one deal', the product label clearly says 'BOGO'. They can then browse through the rest of the product category to see other products labeled with BOGO to add to their cart.

Instant reference helps buyers to find products easily and gives you more sales.

3. Builds Trust in Your Brand among Buyers

Labels that confirm promise, such as 'Certified Organic' or a certificate of quality assurance, are called trust badges. They instill confidence in the minds of your customers so that they know they can buy from you carefully.

Most people are doubtful to shop online because they are not sure of the quality, or the security of online payment portals, or that the product will reach them on time. Using a trust badge like a free shipping badge or a sticker showing assurance lets your buyers go ahead and add to the cart worry-free!

4. Help You Cross-sell Smartly with Recommendations

With product labels, you can simply add a 'recommended' or 'frequently purchased together' label to products in supplement categories. It helps you establish a quick cross-sell without putting too much pressure on it.

For example, if the buyer is looking for a shirt, the seller can highlight the best-selling pair of pants with the label 'Recommended' or Buy together regularly to show on the product page. It enables the buyer to find more suitable products as per their requirements and helps you cross-sell smartly.

5. Increases Your Average Order Value

From the above points, you already know that product labels help you create a sense of urgency and FOMO, highlight specialties online and even cross-sell products with recommendations. These actions will make your buyers buy more resulting in a marked increase in your average order value.

For example, a buyer comes to your store looking for a party dress and adds an item to the cart. She sees another outfit labeled as 'Most Popular' which will look good on her for an after-party event. So, you just made the buyer's decision to buy another outfit easy!

Do You Need a Product Label?

If you ask us, the answer is yes.

The attention of internet users is decreasing day by day. But the competition for attention – especially in the eCommerce industry, is increasing every day!

Our Shopify developer ensure you not only with great product labels but also a fresh and engaging shopping experience for the consumers. It's a fast way to make an impact, give shoppers something to look forward to, and help them make an informed purchase.

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