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Benefits of Magento 2 SMTP Extensions That May Change Your Approach

Magento 2 SMTP Extension is a free email marketing solution that supports every significant SMTP provider to address problems like spamming, HTML/plain-text in emails, and many more extra. The Magento 2 SMTP Extension also assures that your emails are delivered using conventional mail protocols. Plus, it encourages you effortlessly set up email SMTP with any host.

Magento 2 SMTP extension helps you improve your email reputation, which is extremely important for every email marketing campaign. Say goodbye to the spam box right now! With a friendly configurable port and host, a concise module with user guidelines stuck at the bottom of the field, this extension is definitely useful for every online store.

Benefits of Magento 2 SMTP Extensions That May Change Your Approach

Testing Email Prior to Going Live:
As quickly as you allow the extension from the backend, you can customize to the authentication system that doesn't support any, plain text, login and Cram-MD5, authentication protocols that do not support any, SSL and TLS, SMTP provider's username, password, and return the track.

Everything Is Under Control:
All kinds of emails can be delivered successfully. All you have to do is expand the sending mail setting about authentication methods, authentication protocol, username, password, set return-path and return-path email.

Interesting Features of Magento 2 SMTP Extension:

  • Enable/Disable from backend
  • Simple and easy interface
  • Allow sending email through the external SMTP server
  • Reduce the chances of email going to spam
  • Supports all the most popular email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Office365, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Mailgun, Mandrill, SendGrid, AT&T, and many more
  • Ability to fill Host, Port, Authentication, and Protocol for SMTP Provider
  • Supply three types of protocols: none, SSL, and TLS
  • Self-test email function
  • Built-in support of 40+ SMTP server configurations for Magento 2
  • The SMTP email log stores a copy of all sent emails and completed responses from the SMTP server for debugging purposes.

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