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Discussion on: What I would look for in a junior developer

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Pablo Fradua

Let him talk about his preferences, he must have a favourite language, IDE, domain of interest, and build up from that. Let him feel safe.

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Toby Osbourn Author

Good suggestions; however they would surely only be useful to work out how passionate they are about those things? You couldn’t hire someone for liking a certain IDE.

Might I suggest they/them over he/him

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Pablo Fradua

It's not about the actual response but letting them talk about something they're familiar with. An interview can be overwhelming for a novice developer, it's good to let them relax.
It's an interview with people without any experience, what you want is to try to get to know them, mostly to see if they fit your team.

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Danilo Miranda

I think I agree with both of you guys.

Letting a candidate talk about the technologies the likes, not asking the company stack is a great to measure his excitement, why?

I think that when you ask about the technologies that the company uses, if the candidate is not fully aware of how to use them, or only have a slight idea he may feel a bit uncomfortable and cornered.

However, if you let him speak about the technologies he's worked/experienced with, what problems he solved or tried to solve will be a better way to see his passion. People to talk about themselves, and letting the candidates talk about things in his personal experience would be a good thing and more practical one