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Discussion on: The Long and Short of CSS Flexbox Container Properties

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Chad Tiffin

Do we need another article on flexbox? There are already a ton of good articles and cheatsheets on flexbox... nothing new here

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/*Sharkie*/ Author

My reasoning behind this article was to really drill the properties into my head, and have a place I could come back to when I needed a refresh or to relook at something. Writing it all out myself makes it inherently understandable to me, and a much better resource for future me.

So nope, nothing new here. Just thought I'd post it in case any other Flexbox newbies found it useful. 🙂

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Please be kind to who's actually producing content, you aren't. I don't get why you are getting so salty.

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Michael Caveney

There's nothing new to you, but something presented "just so" could make a concept click for somebody. If you didn't get anything out of a particular article, that doesn't mean that nobody else did, and disparaging comments like that aren't at all helpful.

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Sarah Katz

I, for one, still struggle a bit with flexbox and find that the more articles I read, the more it makes sense, so ... yes. We do need another article on flexbox.

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