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About My First Sinatra Project

ceyvion profile image Ceyvion ・1 min read

It was tough. I initially planned to start this project ON TIME with my cohort, but it was rough because I was so burnt out from the first project, literally the CLI Data Gem...

I started to doubt myself, and if this is even something that i should be doing, but I remembered that the learning curve is usually higher if it's your first time. I had to keep reminding me self that.

ANYWAYS, so here it is. Find A Band. It's everything that I imagined it'd be!

Not really.

It was a combination of learning learning about SQL, how to query, etc. Then we were introduced to ActiveRecord, an object relational mapping database. I think it's pretty cool, and I see why it's used in Ruby. It's very easy to update the attributes of a specific table.

The site was basically a meeting place for solo players to look for a band to join, or if they had a band, they could post about looking for new members.

I implemented CRUD functionality, and I think that while it looks okay now I'll need time to refactor it a bit. That goes for the front end design as well.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

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