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Software engineering isn't immature.

The commercial-industrial applications of software engineering are.

Software engineering as a discipline is clearly mature compared to e.g. genetics or neuroscience, which get their breakthroughs in the eighties and nineties rather than the fifties and sixties. And were also practically based on computers and software when they did.

One of the primary reasons for this is the basis for software engineering in math and formal logic, an old and mature way to reason about systems, nature and thinking. Lambda calculus is almost a century old and Turing died in 1954.

The immaturities mainly come from corporate management and politicians refusing to learn the discipline and its theoretical groundwork.


It's an interesting point you bring up. I do agree that the immaturities can be exacerbated by an unwillingness to learn and educate ourselves.

However I do believe that we are (relatively) immature in more ways than just this, certainly in comparison to engineering for example. 60 or so years is not a huge period of time in comparison to many other disciplines, and we see evidence of this time to time (check out this Medium article for some great examples).

Thanks for bringing up these extra points though - it is always interesting to hear other opinions on the matter!

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