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re: Sorry to disappoint you, then. To be clear, I still prefer Ubuntu-based distros (namely Kubuntu, or soon Ubuntu Studio when it switches to KDE in 2...

Yes, I agree with the general diagnosis. The discussion about distros might be interesting, but currently I think desktop environment discussion is more interesting. I'm glad to see many people recognizing the great job KDE is doing.

(K)Ubuntu is great, solid and a huge community which is very important, my default option to everyone who wants to start with Linux or for work. Manjaro is also great, really focused to bring an usable solution, personally I love having the latest software, specially KDE related updates.

But the original question was another, and the answer is yes. With Linux you have many options to get the most productive version of you. That is what you need for work, be productive, and in Linux environment you have the right tools to do that.

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