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re: I was the #1 KDE hater until GNOME 3/Shell. They have made great strides in performance (largely because Canonical has made a large push for it), b...

I made an account justo to agree with your comment. More than 10 years on Linux in my case, many distros, and Manjaro KDE has offered the best experience (really surprising for an Arch based rolling release distro).


I'm not sure why you would be surprised about this?

Just because of past experiences with ArchLinux.
I don't have a full opinion about Arch... but I think rolling distros can be a bit more difficult to maintain. Generally, I do not recommend Manjaro to newcomers, because you have to worry more about keeping things up-to-date. And with updates, we know, sometimes small things need to be fixed visiting the forums jeje.


Sorry to disappoint you, then. To be clear, I still prefer Ubuntu-based distros (namely Kubuntu, or soon Ubuntu Studio when it switches to KDE in 20.10, because KDE Neon is even slower than LTS releases to update its base).

I might feel differently when I buy something other than a MacBook for my daily driver (this will be my last, both due to cost and the issues I detailed above). But Manjaro does get a lot of things right... though I don't think including Steam as a dependency of manjaro-{whatever_de}-full is one of them, as trying to remove it (I'm not a gamer) has led to it threatening to remove a lot of packages I do need (manjaro-{whatever_de}-minimal solves this mostly, but it's not a good feeling when coming from Debian/Ubuntu, where metapackages can be removed without uninstalling the dependencies they reference).

Chances are, I'll stick with (K)Ubuntu (Studio, plus a lot of extra repos). I'm not sure I'll ever trust another package manager as much as deb/apt, and I'd say that Ubuntu has done better in hardware support than other distros in 95% or more of the cases I've encountered.

I always try plenty of others, in typical Linux distro-hopping fashion, but always come back to Ubuntu.

Yes, I agree with the general diagnosis. The discussion about distros might be interesting, but currently I think desktop environment discussion is more interesting. I'm glad to see many people recognizing the great job KDE is doing.

(K)Ubuntu is great, solid and a huge community which is very important, my default option to everyone who wants to start with Linux or for work. Manjaro is also great, really focused to bring an usable solution, personally I love having the latest software, specially KDE related updates.

But the original question was another, and the answer is yes. With Linux you have many options to get the most productive version of you. That is what you need for work, be productive, and in Linux environment you have the right tools to do that.

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