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Ha ha ha, well...
Where I live, the electricity cuts off for at least a few seconds every day. And internet is sometimes just not there for hours, even days at a time. Water can also be cut off for a day or two out of nowhere, but there’s a huge water tank to make up for that. There is no huge internet tank, though. It is extremely frustrating.
Just why does it happen? Because this a very residential area, bordering rural, so the already relatively mediocre providers just don’t care because “it’s just houses, nobody is actually working there”. There’s a dip every evening, especially on weekends when everyone is sucking on Netflix.

I take that time first to keep going on the same task for as long as I can. Sometimes, if I really really wish for it, the connection will be back in a few minutes. When it doesn’t, I review my local study notes, build something new locally from scratch and beef up my vanilla skills, clean my computer, clean my workspace, read books on kindle, etc. I think it comes to accepting entropy in life and making the most from it. I could say “this is unacceptable!” and call the providers, only to wait for an hour before someone picks up and says “it’s a local error, it will be back in the next 8 hours”)... I’d rather spend that time reading about something interesting. I sometimes even go to sleep in the middle of the day to be able to work in the wee hours of the morning (2–8 am), when the connection is better.

As a full-time freelancer, I make sure I never take on responsibilities that involve being online 24/7, or at a specific time, because things most likely will go wrong. (I do have a coworking space available 30 minutes away in case of disaster). When shit hits the fan, I’m usually prepared for it, and it doesn’t affect me as much as, I think, it would affect someone who relies on their tools to be available at all times without interruption. After a while, you stop resorting to stress and instead you can welcome some zen in your life, it’s nice.

5 hour? 2 day? challenge
Survived: every day
Cheated: impossible
Cheat method: n/a
Access denied (no net) count: every few minutes until it’s back, after a minute or after a day... nobody knows (might as well check the quality of the connection on the shape of the leaves in my tea)
Access Denied List: dev.to (to at least have a doodle)


This fascinated me. I had a realization. I better damn well be grateful for having solid internet, and not having to worry about it.

It's good to get a reminder of how good I have it. I wish I could share in the good internet and power source with you.

I think it's great that you have learned to overcome this and adapted.

In a way, it seems it's almost a gift, because you are able to break away and focus on other parts of life as well. The internet can be so addicting, especially now since tv, movies and music are just a simple part of it.

It brings up another great point, why it's important to build "offline" mode in to your apps.

Thank you so very much for you reply.


Thanks for the thoughtful response! It definitely is almost a gift, it helps to build up strength in a way, and also helps consider the people who —for any reason— have it harder. Some people have slow computers, slow or non-existent internet connections, etc. I know I have it easy, I'm lucky I can work from home and work freely, but it definitely is a lot harder for others. I remember reading that in a big tech company (can't remember which) all of the developers had to switch down to 2G for one full day each week so that they wouldn't forget the users who don't have blazing-fast developed-city connections or devices.

For me, I think of it as if I was living in the mountains. It's normal, or even to be expected, that you won't have such great services if you're living in a remote area. I am about an hour away from the closest moderately-sized city in a developing country, so... I'm glad I have any internet at all! 😅

wow that sounds like a nice setup then. Remote without a lot of people and being able to work at home. Ya, I totally get being blessed to have your internet at all. I mean i feel blessed having mine for sure. Thanks again for reminding me to be considerate of those without fast internet.

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