re: I'm concerned with the move that FreeCodeCamp just pulled by leaving Medium VIEW POST


I remember signing up for medium a few years back and it was good. I was really into typography and design do it was a breath of fresh air. Then after a few months I left because I wanted to focus more on studying.
Fast forward to a few weeks back I found a couple of good articles and started reading again there. Even installed the app! And then I started getting the dreadful “3 articles” limit and thought it was absurd nonsense. If their business is about people reading, why the heck would they limit that... anyway, I don’t like medium anymore.

I was thrilled to read that FCC is leaving medium on the title of this post, I think it’s great. I still have high hopes for it, even with the concerns shared. I’m sure they will fix that soon, I see it as a hiccup or an issue they just didn’t think about in time.
I am looking forward to seeing this new platform open and functioning fully (though it won’t replace DEV, ever!)

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