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Comment from a deleted article or podcast

I recon the Manager i have right now is the pinnacle of examples when it comes to managing people in the dev world.

He's a developer, so he gets his hands dirty so to speak. He will literally dig in on a project, and honestly i think he prefers it when he is.

He's a leader, so he can guide people when it's needed. he can take a person and lead them forward, without it being a struggle.

He's a manager, so he can manage multiple projects. he can juggle his time well, and can make sure people are always keeping as close to time as possible.

He's a people person, so he gets on with every single member of the team, with us all working together to make the dream work.

He's a sympathiser, so he gets it when a project or task is too much. he will help you, he'll put in hours with you to make it work.

He's a friend, so he can tell when you're having a bad day - and will do what he can to make it easier for you.

He's an empowerer, so he will push people to do things they didn't think they could, but not in a nasty, or down-on-you way.

He's a blame-taker, so he won't let you say "I mucked up" it's always "We mucked up".

He's a solution-finder, so he won't say "don't do it again" if something goes wrong - he'll say "how can we make sure that there's something in place to make sure that none of us do this again"

He's an appreciator, so he will do things like buy coffee for the team, pay for licenses for stuff for us, and use a word i don't hear in the dev world often - THANKYOU!

Best of all, he's my boss, and i wouldn't change it for the world!