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I had this problem a couple years ago - I switched to an ergonomic keyboard and vertical mouse, in my case the "Microsoft Sculpt".

It helped a ton but I also had to do a few other things to get the rest of the pain to go away:

  • bought a Roost stand for my laptop and a monitor stand for when I'm connected to monitor to make sure the top of the monitor is right about near eye level
  • I developed the wrist/forearm pain partly because of using a flat keyboard, but also because I had recently switched to a standing desk. I did an abrupt switch to the standing desk instead of easing into it and ended up - without realizing it - leaning forward a lot, putting pressure on my wrists. So if you currently use a standing desk or ever switch to one, be sure to ease into it.
  • I also started using a foam roller to stretch out my shoulders. The musculoskeletal system is all connected, so pain in your wrists and forearms can be caused by something higher up, in the elbows or shoulders.

Hope that helps!

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