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Discussion on: Which backend programming language should I choose?

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Dustin King

Something you like and can get jobs in. That's going to depend on your own tastes and the job market where you are.

Python is pretty good as a server-side web development language (along with Django - I like its ORM) and is great for developing the other parts of your system that aren't exactly web applications as well. If you need high performance, there are things like Numpy and Cython (but you likely won't need them for a website backend).

Static types for Python exist with things like MyPy (as well as with Cython), but in my opinion static typing is really a millstone around developers' necks most of the time.

On the other hand, the popularity of Python seems to be somewhat skewed by data science. The job market for Python web dev doesn't seem as good as it should be for the level of popularity Python supposedly has.