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Why Hashnode Is Different Than Other Blogging Platforms

catalinmpit profile image Catalin Pit Originally published at ・2 min read

I have using Hashnode for my blog since August, and I am impressed with everything it offers. So far, it has met all my needs.

As a result, I am writing this article to show you why Hashnode is different than other blogging platforms. This article is not promotional or whatsoever. When I enjoy a product, I like to promote it. Thus, let's see what makes Hashnode different.

Custom domain

One of the most important reasons is that you can have a personal domain. On most blogging platforms, you cannot do that, and it's a big turn off.

You own the content by having your domain, and it also looks more professional. Compare the two URLs:


Do you agree that the first one looks more professional, and it is also easier to remember? This is one of the significant advantages of using Hashnode; you have your domain.

Personalization and customization

Another vital feature is the ability to customize and personalize your blog. That means you can make your blog look and feel different. On other platforms, all the blogs look similar. There is nothing to differentiate the various blogs.

With Hashnode, you can add custom CSS, and thus modify your blog however you like. Being able to customize and personalize the blog is a deal-breaker for many, including myself.


When you start blogging, it's tough to bring readers to your blog. You might feel like you are blogging into a void because nobody reads your articles.

With Hashnode, you have a tightly-knit community that reads and interacts with your articles. But do not other blogging platforms have communities as well? Yes, they do. Hashnode is not unique in this aspect. The difference is that Hashnode is tightly-knit together.

Therefore, by joining Hashnode, you are less likely to blog into the void.

No strings attached

You decide to move away from Hashnode? There are no strings attached. You can quickly back-up your posts on Github, and re-publish them somewhere else.

However, if Github is not something you use, you can also export the posts in .json format directly on your machine. You download them as you download other stuff from the internet.

Thus, Hashnode does not keep you tied to the platform.

Other features

Above, I listed the features that I consider the most important. However, they are not the only features. There other essential features, such as having:

  • A free built-in newsletter.
  • Https by default.
  • Faster Edge Caching.
  • AMP Support.

The good thing is that it does not end here. People can always request features, which usually get implemented within days or weeks; depending on how useful and urgent they are. Thus, new features are continuously shipped.


I hope the article is clear enough about why Hashnode is special. As I said previously, the article is not sponsored or paid.

That does not mean Hashnode is the best either. It happens to be the best choice for me. It might not be for you. The other blogging platforms out there are excellent as well.


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shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Nice πŸ˜„, But when it comes to personal blog, its not fully personal. I can see sign in button in top. Why would a HR or normal user sign in a personal blog ?. I think If they could remove that sign in button and hanshnode promotions in all the content and pages then it becomes a personal blog with full control.

danytulumidis profile image
Dany Tulumidis

I totally can understand you. I just started blogging on Hashnode and i love it. For me its the community that make Hashnode so wonderful. The articles get recognized and you get feedback and people encourage each other. Also the Featured feature (hehe) is really nice and my very first article i wrote on Hashnode (the ones before were orig. from here) got featured and is/was on the Main Site Today. Fantastic feeling and so rewarding!

kingzamzon profile image
Samson Adesanoye

The feature I use the most is save as draft for my articles