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Websites That Pay You To Write Technical Articles

catalinmpit profile image Catalin Pit Originally published at ・4 min read

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Getting paid to write technical articles is a great way to supplement your income. Especially if you already write articles for your blog. However, the first question that arises is "how can I get opportunities?", which was my question too.

As a result, I want to list a handful of websites that pay you to write technical articles for them. You can see their name, the URL, and the approximate sum they pay you.

Websites that pay you

Therefore, let us see the websites you can pitch to write articles. The most popular publications are as follows:

Name Rate per article Description URL
Twilio Up to $500 per article You are not required to use Twilio. You need to write articles with examples
Auth0 Up to $300 per article You pick topics from a list of possible articles Auth0
Soshace $100 per article You pick topics from a list of possible articles Soshace
StackOverflow Unknown There are no limitations on the topics StackOverflow
WPHub Up to $200 per article Tutorials about Wordpress WPHub
Vonage Up to $500 per article Technical tutorials Vonage
CircleCI Up to $300 per article You can pick from a list of possible topics CircleCI
Clubhouse Io Up to $600 per article Pick from a list of possible topics. Technical tutorials, and how-to guides.
Code Tuts+ $100 for tips, and $250 for tutorials Pick from a list of possible articles Code Tuts+
Tutorialspoint Up to $500 per article Various technical topics. You pick from a list of topics Tutorialspoint
CSS Tricks Up to $250 per article CSS articles CSS Tricks
Digital Ocean Up to $400 per article Articles about OSS, infrastructure, cloud hosting, Linux, and more. It's not limited to their products Digital Ocean
Hasura Up to $300 per article Articles including Hasura or GraphQL Hasura
TestDriven Io Up to $500 per article Web development tutorials designed to teach critical skills needed to test, launch, scale, and optimize applications TestDriven Io


Be aware; I did not come with this list of publications. I put together (most of) the publications from Paid Community Writer Programs, and Who Pays Technical Writers together. Also, in the article you can see some of the most popular publications. For a more comprehensive list, with more publications, visit the above links.

Therefore, I hope it helps you to create an additional income. Also, keep an eye on these two sources in case they add more publications.

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Mark Catalano

+ TakeShape

Rate per article
Up to $300

Web dev tutorials with code. General frontend topics including, React, JavaScript, GraphQL, Jamstack. Pick from a list of possible articles or pitch your own.

Contributing Writers @ TakeShape

brewinstallbuzzwords profile image
Adam Davis

Hi Catalin, just wanted to thank you for writing this post. You inspired me to turn one of my ideas into a guest post submission for a site that you listed. I received a good initial response to my pitch, so hopefully things work out well

catalinmpit profile image
brewinstallbuzzwords profile image
Adam Davis

Update: it's been published!

Thanks again for sharing these resources

Thread Thread
catalinmpit profile image
Catalin Pit Author

That's a huge milestone! Well done!

delta456 profile image
Swastik Baranwal

Thanks! I will look into these after some years!

_garybell profile image
Gary Bell

Applied to a couple. I'm looking forward to their responses to see if they are interested in my ideas.

Also waiting for DigitalOcean to open their application process again. I've got an article ready to go for them (assuming they want it). I'm going to modify the content for another platform so there's 2 articles for them (if they want).

I'm hoping I can get a few articles into DO, seeing as I use them a lot at the moment.

luccaprado profile image
Lucca Prado

You can add Baeldung to this list!

bangias profile image
Bang IAS

I just found out, if I make articles on twilio, StackOverflow, CircleCI, CodeTuts , Tutorialpoint and CSS Trick can make money.

if on StackOverflow, do we have to make questions and answer questions? As far as I know stackoverflow is a kind of place or forum for Q&A of every problem that is often faced by programmers.

steelwolf180 profile image
Max Ong Zong Bao

This is awesome source :) I think you might need to include that the amount will be donated to the charity of your choice.

jamesbright profile image
James Ononiwu

Thanks for this post

feketegy profile image

IBM paid $1000+ back in the day, but it needed highly technical articles in long form 2000 words+

redlotusdesignz profile image
Diana Chin

This is a great list!

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

Thanks for the Tips @catalinmpit !

How do these typically work, do you still own the content, or are they paying for sole ownership of the content?

daedtech profile image
Erik Dietrich

The specifics of that will vary per guest contributor program/company, but I'd suggest assuming that the business owns the content, unless they go out of their way to specify otherwise. What they'll generally do is establish contributors as 1099 contractors, doing what's known as "work for hire," which assigns copyright of the work to the company.

That said, legal reality is actually surprisingly murky around this work arrangement (paid content contributions) and a writer could, theoretically, make the case that they're creating a unique work and just licensing it to the client. But that would require some legal jockeying, and their lawyers are generally going to be better prepared for that than contractors for hire.

So, tl;dr: they probably own the content.

castashuman profile image
Sotiris Kaniras

Do I need to post regularly to get paid, or can it be whenever I feel like blogging?