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I quit my Software Development job because of burnout

catalinmpit profile image Catalin Pit ・1 min read

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Johnny Fekete

I really hope you'll feel better!

Not a fancy advice, but what tends to work for me is to focus only on the next small step. But I suppose it's more relevant before the burnout when it's already sluggish and you feel unmotivated, just as you described.

I'm sure taking a break will help! Connecting with nature is the best remedy for too much screen time: if you can, go on hikes to the mountains, or stroll in a nearby park, enjoy the fresh air.

Any creative hobby might help too, that's not technology related (crafting, baking?)

But most importantly, listen to your body and mind (as you already did when quitting), no one knows better your needs.

Get better! :)

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Dana Ottaviani

Remind yourself of all the things you've accomplished up to this point. It's easy to get bogged down by what you're struggling with now. That's ok!