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Discussion on: Pobody's Nerfect

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I found these definitions of "perfect":

As a verb:

make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible.

As a noun:

having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn't let them down, because you told them the truth.

I suppose that the definition of "perfect" as a noun could relate to the quote.

There's something that bothers me about the quote though:

So you told your friends and family you did everything you could.

Isn't "everything you could" on the way to completion filled with mistakes and regrets?

How does that === perfect?

It's more like you're admitting you did all you could. You're being perfectly honest, rather, not perfect.

Striving for perfection is also very destructive because you have an expectation and definition of what is "perfection". If the mindset isn't right, it may be overwhelming. It may make the situation absolutely hopeless.